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Ranked No.1 Masters, MS, MBA Risk Management in 2014 (for the third consecutive year) by the survey of SMBG, training “Global Risk Management (MGR),” has always been part of the two best programs on risk, since the creation of the survey in 2008. It is certified Specialized Master by the Conférence des Grandes Ecoles and it was designed as a higher professional education of high level. It is co-accredited between École Nationale Supérieure d’Arts et Métiers (which is the lead institution) and ESTP. Since January 2015 the Master is now ranked at an national level (RNCP). Risk management is an inescapable dimension of business management, in a hyper-competitive environment marked by many uncertainties. Companies need employees in line with these realities and with the skills that enable them to cope.

The MS MGR was created in 2000 by Pr Bertrand Munier, one of the pioneer of risk management in France, after about fifteen years of research in collaboration with several companies. One of the first class in risk management, the MS is now well known and considered.

The MS MGR has a transversal approach of risks, based on solid scientific basis. Business companies appreciate our students’ open-mindedness  and their capacity to put into perspective a risky situation in all its dimensions.

In addition to academics classes taught by professional experts, the MS includes a participation to a national assurance symposium and a week abroad (learning trip).

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